Oh my!

We got a new refrigerator!  It’s a beauty.  A Samsung with french doors in black.  We measured and decided it would fit in the space where the old one was.  We were wrong.  It.  does.  not.  fit.  We were short by just a hair.  We tried taking off the baseboard.  That helped but then we couldn’t get the left side door open.  Fixed that and then discovered that it was too tall.  My 18 year old comes in and says, “Ya know, they make these things called measuring tapes.”  Smart ass.  We then took off the cupboard above the refrigerator and made a baseball sized hole in the sheet rock.  This is not going well.

Off we go to our favorite store- Lowe’s!  We purchased 2 new cabinets that were each 3 inches narrower than the old ones.  The BF is currently putting them in amongst a steady stream of cuss words.  It’s currently 9:09 pm and knowing him, he will not stop until the new refrigerator is in place.

The thing is, they didn’t have cabinets in the same 30 year old color that our old cabinets are.  Hmmm, this is starting to sound like a kitchen remodel!!  I mentioned that we could just switch over all the cabinets to white, paint the walls and replace the linoleum and the oven and dishwasher.  I received a frustrated look from the BF and he said how about if we just do these two and then slowly replace the others a few at a time.  Hurumph.  Fine.

Close up of the new stuff

Close up of the new stuff


This is what my kitchen really looks like. Ugh!

So my kitchen looks crazy as hell.  It’s not cool, but I have faith in the BF that all will be well.  Eventually.

Action Step:  Don’t wait for the perfect time to do things.  Go for it!

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Homemaker’s Project- Day 22

I’ve been busy painting and gardening!  I spent 3 days at my parents’ house painting their decks and my children came with me to help!  That was actually such a great feeling, to be there together, helping the grandparents.  It made me feel like a good mama and a good daughter.

Yesterday we got a huge load of mulch and spread it in the yard. That makes 4 days of sweating BUCKETS outside in July.  But just like with the painting, it felt good to be working hard and making the house look better.

The next thing I want to try is shopping!  Yee ha!  I love, love, love to shop.  So my idea is to shop at Goodwill, yard sales, and thrift stores and be very selective about what I buy.  Then clean it up, fix it up, and sell it on Craigslist or Ebay.  I’ve been trying to be very careful with my spending, but now I can combine my love of shopping with my need to make a little extra money.  So I’ll let you know how that works.  Tomorrow is my first try with hitting the stores and finding some good buys.

Action Step:  Do you need a little extra to pay down your debt or bulk up your emergency fund?  Sit down with your honey and see how you could make some extra income.

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It’s off to school we go!

Homemaker’s Project Day ??

Quite honestly, I’ve lost track of the ding-dong days!!  I’ve been sick with a stomach bug for a few days and two days we went over to my parents house to do some work.  So I haven’t done too much around my house since the last post.

Today was exciting because my son and I went to orientation for college!!  Woo Hoo!!  This is what I’ve been waiting for and hoping for and working towards for him for 18 years.  I’m concerned about money, but I know that God will help us and that everything will work out.   He signed up for classes and I’ve filled out the fafsa forms.  What a load off my mind.  I’ve been stressed out about this for a while now.  I’m relieved that it’s happening and his future is still on the right path.

I have been trying to teach my daughter about the value of money and budgeting.  Last week I gave her money that was to last her the whole month, 24 more days.  I know you’re going to be surprised here, so hold on…she’s out of money!!  She’s been trying to get more money out of me for some plans she has tonight.  Oh no, no, little bunny.  It’s not my fault that you didn’t plan!

We went to a few stores this afternoon to apply for jobs.  I’m not confident about this, but we’ll see how it goes.  The strange thing about all of this is that I feel like I’m doing the right thing lately with regards to my children, but it’s really super hard.  I figured that once I was doing the right thing that it would be easier, or the road would become smoother.  Not so.  It’s almost as if the devil is fighting me.  That he doesn’t want me to do the right thing in my home.  That dang devil isn’t going to get me!  Back off Satan!!  I’ve got God on my side!

Action Step:  do something hard.  Have a hard conversation.  STick to your guns.  You know what’s right, just do it and know that God is on your side.  You can do itt


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Homemaking Project – Day 11

Today’s post will be brought to you by the letter T for teenagers, trouble and totally ugh.   In their defense, I have to tell you straight up that this is a completely normal response for a teenager.  I went and changed the rules on them and they just don’t like it and are trying to get things back to the way they were.  But that won’t happen.

As you know I’ve been trying to be more budget conscious and careful with my money.  That doesn’t really sit well with teenagers, especially mine.  I’ve been just giving them money that they haven’t really earned for years.  So they are used to that and are not used to being put on a budget or told no.

I’ve given my daughter $50 to last her a month.  I get paid once a month, so this was easier for me.  She’s 16 and doesn’t have a job, but is now interested in getting one!  My son is 18 and has a job.  I gave him $40 to help with gas since he had to buy a new tire.  We are currently arguing about a $24 t-shirt that I don’t want to pay for.  I only have money to go to Goodwill and look for shirts, or find some on sale at places like Old Navy.  He’s having a hard time accepting this.

I know this is just natural backlash, but I hope it ends soon.  I hate all this conflict, which is what got me here in the first place.  I would just give in and give them what they wanted to avoid the arguing.  Ugh.  Now I have even more problems to deal with.  I guess I’ll just try to use this as a learning opportunity.  This is my chance to grow as a person and a mom.  Wish me luck!

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Time with daughter

Homemaking Project- Day 10

Today I was determined that the time I spent with my daughter would be positive.  We’ve had some disagreements lately and I really wanted to have a nice afternoon together.

We had been to the eye doctor last week and gotten her a prescription for eyeglasses.  The eye doctor said that her eyes weren’t too bad and she could drive without them and didn’t need to wear them all the time.  So we went to the local eye glasses store in the mall and picked out a pair.  During our one hour wait, we walked around, had a Starbucks coffee and had a nice time!!  It was so great to spend time with her just being peaceful and getting along.

The funniest, best moment came when she put her glasses on for the first time.  All she could exclaim was, “Oh my god.  Oh my god.”  I’d laugh and she’d say, “Look at that!  Wow!”  It was totally worth the $177 for that moment.  Though I did feel a twinge of guilt for not getting them sooner, I didn’t feel too bad since the doctor said her eyes weren’t really that bad.

On the way home I told her how happy I was that we had had a nice time together and she said it was like that credit card commercial.  “Starbuck’s…$5.oo, Glasses…$177.  Time with daughter…Priceless.”  Exactly!

Action Step:  Spend quality time with one of your children.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just do it!!

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Diet and Exercise

Homemaker Project- Day 9

Today’s post has little to do directly with making a happy home.  Except that if the momma isn’t healthy, then it will be impossible to maintain a cozy, loving home.  About a year ago I discovered that I am lactose intolerant.  I was devastated.  I LOVE cheese.  Love, love, love.  It took me a while to get my head wrapped around the fact that those little pills don’t really help and that I was just going to have to give it up.

Just about the time that I had come to terms with this, I discovered that dairy wasn’t my only problem.  To be blunt, I was passing gas a lot.  And not the quiet, non-smelly kind.  It was loud and stinky.  Not really romantic behavior when around the BF.  I reluctantly admitted that I was gluten sensitive.  And to be honest, I still have not completely come to terms with the fact that I’ll never eat wheat again.  That’s like cutting out two whole food groups!!

The past couple of days have got me thinking about being healthy.  I’ve been walking more, about 3 miles a day, and not eating carbs is a serious problem.  I was either hungry (starving and light-headed) from not eating carbs or walking around with a stomach ache.  Not very good choices.  I knew there had to be a third option.  I kinda found it with a Paleo Diet.  I don’t follow it 100% (I haven’t given up diet soda yet), but I’m doing a lot better.  I have more energy and my tummy feels good.

Action Step:  Eat healthy and work up to walking 10,000 steps a day, 12,000 if you’re trying to lose weight.

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Make a schedule

Homemaking Project- Day 8

Day 8 is all about making a schedule!  I realized that at 12:00 I was still in my pj’s.  Oops.  I went to http://www.moneysavingmom.com and borrowed her ideas.  She has an example of her own schedule and blank documents for people to download free and make their own schedule.  I used her schedule and just tweaked it a bit.

It feels really good to  have a schedule and a routine in place.  Now I know that I’ll be getting everything done each week, or month, or semi-annually.

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